Rainbow Blossoms From The Mist at Walnut Canyon, Arizona

by Will

Misty Rainbow Above My Campsite

Misty Rainbow Above My Campsite

Misty Rainbow Above My Campsite
A Fiery Mist Enshrouds San Francisco Mountain
RV Camping Next To Walnut Canyon National Monument

The daily storms that come along with Arizona monsoon season can produce some awesome atmospheric displays. This time of year is perfect for photographing the Arizona landscape - especially during those moments when light peaks through the clouds, vivid sunsets appear, and even rainbows blossom from the mist. The day I arrived at this campsite next to Walnut Canyon National Monument near Flagstaff, magic happened.

I arrived in the afternoon of August 22, 2011 with mostly cloudy skies overhead. A few sprinkles came down a little later for brief periods. Then as evening approached, the light show began. A fiery mist enshrouded the San Francisco Peaks. Then as I turned to look the other way, a rainbow appeared out of the mist against the reddening sky.

Although I didn't seek out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that day, the next day I took a hike to where the rainbow had ended and found beautiful Walnut Canyon - which was nearly as good as gold...well almost.

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