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Here's What's New!

Dispersed Camping on Public Lands, It's Wild and It's Free

Dispersed camping on National Forest and BLM land is free of charge...and free of noisy crowds, noxious generators, and visual eyesores. Ready for some real camping?

Continue reading "Dispersed Camping on Public Lands, It's Wild and It's Free"

Buttermilk Country near Bishop, California - Adventures in RV Boondocking

Buttermilk Country near Bishop in the Eastern Sierra has boondocking, bouldering, backpacking, fishing, and a plethora of high mountain majesty.

Continue reading "Buttermilk Country near Bishop, California - Adventures in RV Boondocking"

Campfire Cooking, Great Fun and Great Food in the Great Outdoors

Explore campfire cooking techniques to try on your next camping trip, from simple to sublime. Your taste buds will thank you later.

Continue reading "Campfire Cooking, Great Fun and Great Food in the Great Outdoors"

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area, Lone Pine

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area is situated in a high desert along the icy cold waters of Tuttle Creek in the Eastern Sierra. It’s a gorgeous camping area.

Continue reading "Tuttle Creek Recreation Area, Lone Pine"

Full Time RVing - Adventures in RV Boondocking

I was seeking adventure when I decided to go full time RVing, and that's exactly what I found.

Continue reading "Full Time RVing - Adventures in RV Boondocking"

Haystack Mountain, Lone Pine, California

Haystack Mountain is a quiet place to camp east of Lone Pine in Owens Valley. The site is at the base of the Inyo Mountains. The Inyo Mountains Wilderness

Continue reading "Haystack Mountain, Lone Pine, California"

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

Camping in the Alabama Hills is like living in a science fiction movie and a western at the same time. The wildly shaped rocks give it an otherworldly

Continue reading "Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California"

Fossil Falls, Ridgecrest, California

The wildly wind and water sculpted Fossil Falls is fascinating. There is some great camping to be found on BLM land east of the Fossil Falls Recreation

Continue reading "Fossil Falls, Ridgecrest, California"

Short Canyon, Ridgecrest, California

Short Canyon Trail is exceptionally beautiful after a wet winter when spring wildflowers paint the canyon. Continuing on the trail up the north fork presents

Continue reading "Short Canyon, Ridgecrest, California"

Full Time RVing, 10 Tips to the Good Life

Ahh, Full Time RVing...the life of a freewheeling gypsy discovering new adventures at every turn. Yes, it is a good life. And here's how to make it even better.

Continue reading "Full Time RVing, 10 Tips to the Good Life"

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