2005 Mercedes Sprinter RVs

(Baton Rouge, LA)

Wondering about the service of 2005 Mercedes Sprinter RVs? Any issues that I should especially be aware of in purchasing a used one?

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May 11, 2018
Handling - Safety
by: Anonymous

A year after we bought our 2005 Westy, experienced a very unnerving lack of control in a modest side wind and from passing trucks - turns out there was a missing bolt that should have secured one end of the Anti-sway bar!!! I fixed it myself and installed hardened bolts from a local fastener retailer. Handles great and no more white knuckles!!! Always have your brakes, suspension, and steering systems inspected and serviced by a qualified Sprinter service center - parts availability is better because they stock the proper OEM parts.

If you are in Golden Colorado, stop and see our friends and favorite mechanics at LinDen

They were lifesavers for us on our 11,600 mile road trip from Alaska to PA and back. We lost our turbocharger entering Denver and Dennis had us back on the road in three days. We enjoyed tubing down the creek in Golden while we waited for the parts to arrive.

Feb 14, 2015
Sprinter Sevice
by: Hans

Any Mercedes Benz dealership will service your sprinter as long as the automotive portion is concerned. For the RV portion you have to contact the manufacturer.

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