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May 2013

Windstorm in Borrego Springs

It's been one wild month that started off in hot and windy Borrego Springs, California (between San Diego and the Salton Sea) and ended at the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Ridgecrest, California.

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Waterfall in Borrego Palm Canyon
Desert Waterfall in Borrego Palm Canyon

Borrego Springs is surrounded by the wilderness of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the camping areas in and around town make a perfect base camp for exploring the park.

This western corner of the Sonoran Desert features palm oasis, waterfalls, slot canyons, badlands and many fascinating geological formations. Oh, and there's plenty of magnificent bighorn sheep, as would be expected since "borrego" is Spanish for sheep.

I enjoyed lots of hiking and biking, but it wasn't all fun and games! Soon after returning from a 25 mile overnight backpacking trip on the California Riding & Hiking Trail, I was nearly blown away by a 100 mph windstorm.

Thankfully my camper remained in the upright position, though one side was lowered 3 inches, a roof vent cover was blown off, and my awning was ripped. Here's the video...

With temperatures approaching that of the winds, it was time to say goodbye to beautiful Borrego Springs. So I've moved on to the Eastern Sierras, where I plan to cool off near the highest peak in the lower 48, Mount Whitney!

Of course I haven't forgotten about beautiful Arizona so here's a couple new picture slideshows, both from Northern Arizona up near Williams in the Kaibab National Forest. These are gorgeous places to beat the summer heat, and they're far from the crowds...

Ash Fork Hill Video

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Bill Williams Mountain Video

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Last but not least, here's a new article on RV water filters. You'll find lots of good advice about choosing the best water filter for your RV here. A water filter will protect your water pump, water heater, and plumbing fixtures from sediment - and give you consistently great tasting water to boot.

No more wasting money on bottled water either. With the right filter your water will taste great regardless of what campground, gas station, or rest area you get it from.

RV Water Filters Demystified

Stay tuned for new articles, campsites, pictures, and videos.

Until next time,

Keep RVing and keep smiling!

Will Barton

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