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October 2013

Buttermilk Country

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Hope everyone had a great summer! In the span of a couple weeks I witnessed summer turn to fall and fall turn to winter...without even moving my campsite.

I've been boondocking in the Eastern Sierra of California near Bishop in Buttermilk Country.

Buttermilk Country
Buttermilk Country near Bishop

According to the plaque along Buttermilk Road, this is where the term "buttermilk" was coined. About a century ago there was a mine as well as a dairy ranch up the road. After a hard days work the miners would stop by the ranch for a cool glass of "buttermilk" and the name stuck.

You won't find buttermilk if you come to visit, as the ranch is history. What you will find is beautiful scenery, world class bouldering, boondock camping, hiking, backpacking, and trout fishing in the creeks and crystal clear lakes above.

Horton Lakes
Horton Lakes and Basin Mountain

While experiencing 90 degree heat last month I could have used a cold glass of buttermilk, but had to settle for a cold glass of creek water instead.

It was refreshing nonetheless, especially while backpacking 30 miles through Buttermilk Country and up to Mount Tom and Horton Lakes in John Muir Wilderness. The hike was filled with breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountain scenery, as most hikes in the Sierra are - it's hard to go wrong here!

There was a spicy autumn aroma in the air as the aspen leaves were turning crimson and gold. On Mt. Tom I endured some cold nightly temperatures but was rewarded with incredible views of countless granite peaks and sparkling sapphire lakes.

Mount Tom Campsite
Camping below Mount Tom

The wind was fierce while hiking back to my RV campsite. Then clouds began to appear over the mountains. Later that day the mountains became enshrouded in cloud. I awoke the next morning to find snow in the Sierra.

Camping in Buttermilk Country
Camping in Buttermilk Country with the snow covered Sierra beyond

It was a gorgeous sight. But I'm not quite ready for the cold of winter. So now I say farewell to the Sierra as I turn the clock back to summer, and head south to the wide open deserts once again.

Ahh, full time could get used to this.

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Boondocking Campsites

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area is in California's Eastern Sierra near Lone Pine. This spacious boondocking campground sits below Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 49 states.

The campground makes a perfect base camp for exploring the awe-inspiring Sierra Nevada Mountains and out-of-this-world Alabama Hills. There's plenty of high mountain hiking, backpacking, fishing, rock climbing, and horseback riding to be had here.

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area, California

Scenic Videos

In Lake Mead Recreation Area there's a place called Telephone Cove along the shore of Lake Mohave. Here you'll find free camping on the beach. Enough said.

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It's not exactly on the beach, but The Needles camping area is just two miles from the Colorado River, and conveniently located right off I-40 east of Topock, Arizona. Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is easy to access from here and offers some great hiking.

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Stay tuned for new articles, campsites, pictures, and videos.

Until next time,

Keep RVing and keep smiling!

Boondocking Bill

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