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There's a bounty of free camping in Northern California. The majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains cover much of this region, offering prime camping opportunities among the national forests. There's also a fair amount of BLM land open to camping, much of it in the Eastern Sierras and near Death Valley National Park. Much of Death Valley is open to backcountry camping as well.

The Northern California landscape is extremely diverse. The lowest point in North America is Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park at 282 feet below sea level, and the highest point in the contiguous 48 states lies only 85 miles to the west. This is Mount Whitney at 14,494 feet.

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The campsites in Northern California are as diverse as the terrain. And there's too many campsites for me to count. That's why I need your help. If you discover a great camping area in Northern California or elsewhere, share it with us! We'd love to hear from you!

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Free Camping in Northern California

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Horton Creek Campground, Bishop 
Horton Creek Campground is situated on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Bishop, California. The campground has a gorgeous view of …

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area, Lone Pine 
Tuttle Creek Recreation Area is situated in a high desert along the icy cold waters of Tuttle Creek in the Eastern Sierra. It’s a gorgeous camping area. …

Haystack Mountain, Lone Pine, California 
Haystack Mountain is a quiet place to camp east of Lone Pine in Owens Valley. The site is at the base of the Inyo Mountains. The Inyo Mountains Wilderness …

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California 
Camping in the Alabama Hills is like living in a science fiction movie and a western at the same time. The wildly shaped rocks give it an otherworldly …

Fossil Falls, Ridgecrest, California 
The wildly wind and water sculpted Fossil Falls is fascinating. There is some great camping to be found on BLM land east of the Fossil Falls Recreation …

Short Canyon, Ridgecrest, California 
Short Canyon Trail is exceptionally beautiful after a wet winter when spring wildflowers paint the canyon. Continuing on the trail up the north fork presents …

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