DC Current Usage Chart


DC Amps
Fluorescent light, double, 30 W2.0
Fluorescent light, single, 8 W0.7
Fluorescent light, single, 15 W1.2
Incandescent light, double, 1141 bulb2.5
Incandescent light, single, 1141 bulb1.5
Incandescent light, double, 1003 bulb1.8
Incandescent light, single, 1003 bulb0.9
TV, color, 9"3.3
TV, B&W, 12"1.5
TV, color, 13"6.4
VCR/DVD player2.5
TV booster0.2
Digital Satellite Receiver2.0
AM/FM Radio1.0
Radio Amplifier2.0
CD/Tape player2.5
Refrigerator - on gas0.4-0.9
Refrigerator - on 12 volt mode35.0
Refrigerator, portable3.9
Fan motor, 500 CFM1.3
Fan motor, 750 CFM2.6
Fan motor, 1000 CFM5.5
Furnace, forced air8.0-10.0
Evaporative Cooler6.0-9.0
Roof vent fan2.5
Water pump6.0
CB radio, receive mode0.5

These ratings are approximate. For a more accurate calculation check the current draw on each device in your RV.

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