La Posa South Long Term Visitor Area at Quartzsite, Arizona

by Will

RV boondocking on a nicely groomed campsite at the LTVA

RV boondocking on a nicely groomed campsite at the LTVA

Quartzsite is the RV boondocking capital of the world. Nowhere else have I

seen so many campers. And there is plenty of room to camp. There are 5 free
14-day camping areas and 4 Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs). You can camp for 7
months straight on the LTVAs. There is a fee, but in return you’ll have water, a
dump station, and trash facilities.

The Quartzsite area is situated on a vast plain surrounded by mountains. The
flat open desert country makes for excellent camping. Even in January when the
town of 3,000 swells to nearly 700,000 people, you can still find a place to
camp. The camping areas out here are enormous.

Of course Quartzsite is famous for its shows, but it’s the sunsets that steal
the show for me! The natural side of Quartzsite is remarkable - especially
during springtime in March and April. This is when the wildlife awakens from its
winter slumber and the wildflowers bring a splash of color to the desert. Many
more birds can be seen during this time as they make their way north from

So once you’ve had your fill of the shows, step out into the desert, where
the real show begins!

GPS Coordinates for the Entrance to the La Posa South LTVA: N 33 37.532’ W
114 12.958’

Elevation: 980 feet

Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 95 and Main Street in Quartzsite,
travel south on Hwy 95 for 2.75 miles to the La Posa South LTVA entrance on your
left (east). To your right (west) is the entrance to the Tyson Wash LTVA. The La
Posa West and La Posa North LTVAs are also off Hwy 95 and closer to Quartzsite.

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La Posa South LTVA RV Camping Journal


I camped here for about 3 1/2 months, the longest I’ve stayed in any one spot.
The landscape is mostly level and only broken by the washes. There are mountains
surrounding the area off in the distance; the closest mountain taking around 2
hours to reach by foot.

There were many, many people here in town during the shows and Hwy 95 had a long
traffic jam reaching south almost to

the LTVA.

Quartzsite is a small town and becomes a ghost town during the summer months.
They do have some nice features: a disc golf course, RC air field with paved
runway, outdoor fitness course, botanical garden, and a library.

For weather, highs have been in the 60s, sometimes 50s or 70s; lows in the 40s.
The cold breezes during the winter do make it feel colder outside. Once the sun
goes down, it cools off quickly. Typically, I’ll run the cat heater in the
mornings and evenings and only on a handful of days did I have to run it during
the day (on low).

I did have one storm system which brought a lot of rain and made the wash right
next to my campsite flow with water. It was perhaps one foot deep at its
highest. Other than that, very little rain has fallen.

Verizon mobile broadband internet has been very fast here, and I've had a strong
cell phone signal.

There are several neat areas to visit near Quartzsite. I took a trip to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge along the Colorado River south of
Blythe, CA with my Dad. We saw many waterfowl and other birds, a hawk, deer, and
a coyote. We also visited Palm Canyon in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge south
of Quartzsite. It’s a very scenic mountain area and the canyon has the only
native palm trees in Arizona. We also explored Kofa Queen Canyon with the Jeep
Wrangler my Dad had rented. Here we did some 4 wheeling in the sandy wash up the
canyon. The mountainous scenery was beautiful here as well.

Visiting Lake Havasu and the Colorado River north of Parker was a real treat too. The scenery is gorgeous with enough places to explore for a year or more.
The lake is in a mountainous location and surrounded by desert. There are parks, beaches, palm trees, and even the London Bridge. It’s a
splendid desert oasis. I wish
I had my kayak to explore this lake with its rugged coastline and several coves
- unfortunately I left it back in Iowa.
There are many hikes in the area as well.

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Dec 03, 2015
My brother Ron Dougherty
by: Donna Bright

I am trying to locate my brother Ron Dougherty as I have not heard from him since July 17th of this year and I am worried about him. If you know him or have seen him pls email me at Thank you so much.

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