Popup Camper Manufacturers
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Dreaming of a relaxing wilderness retreat in your own popup camper? Dream no more. Here is a list of popup camper manufacturers categorized by the type of pop-up trailer they make. Whether it be toy haulers, off-road campers, lightweight popups, A-frame, motorcycle campers, truck campers, or even plain jane popups. If it "pops up" you'll find it here!

If you're pinching pennies, you can find used pop-up campers in the classifieds and at dealerships. If buying used, check to see that all the equipment is functioning properly. It's also a good idea to look for signs of water damage and to take a peek under the trailer to check the condition of the frame.

Traditional, Toy Hauler/Off-Road

Off-Road Camper Trailers

Pop-Up Truck Campers

Lightweight Pop-Up Campers

Motorcycle Campers

A-Frame Campers

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