Red Tank Draw near Sedona,
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Red Tank Draw is a red rock spectacle that's difficult to turn away from. The beauty is captivating, like the Sedona area itself, only on a more private level.

Red Tank Draw is 12 miles southeast of Sedona and can be reached by taking Hwy 179 to I-17, passing under I-17, and continuing on FR-618 to Beaver Creek Road (for accessing the north section) or FR-121 (to access the south end). Most headed this direction pass it by for Wet Beaver Creek, another red rock canyon to the east.

The north section of Red Tank Draw has several petroglyphs, or rock art. The canyon was an important travel route for the Sinagua people, who used it to descend from the Mogollon Rim. You can find more information about the petroglyphs of Red Tank Draw by visiting the Verde Valley Archaeology Center web site.


Suitable sites for RV camping, boondocking, car camping, and tent camping can be found along FR-121, and also along several other forest service roads that branch off of FR-618.

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