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They say the best things in life are free...and when it comes to RV campsites I believe they were right on the money. Free camping shouldn't be an oxymoron. In fact, there was a time not long ago before the invention of the "campground" when all camping was free.

Thankfully there are still plenty of free campsites to be found today. In the USA, much of these campsites are on beautiful and pristine public land. We're lucky to have millions of acres of BLM and National Forest land open to camping. In addition, there are areas open to free camping on land managed by other federal agencies such as the Fish & Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Reclamation. There are also city and county parks, state forests, and other state lands offering free camping.

Free RV campsites near Gila Bend, ArizonaFree RV campsites abound in the desert southwest

This web page is dedicated to sharing those free campsites and free RV parks with fellow RVers. The goal is to create a nationwide directory of free RV campsites that's easy to use and organized by state.

Have fun sharing your camping areas and reading about campsites posted by other visitors. And please, if you do discover a great new RV camping area share it with us! We'd love to hear from you!

USA RV Campsites

Got a Great RV Campsite?

This is your chance to brag about it! Together we can create the best free camping directory on the web! You can even add your own photos! It's very easy to do. Here are some tips about what information you can include:

GPS Coordinates, Number of Campsites, Suitable For Big RVs or Small RVs?, Things to Do, Wildlife, Weather, Cell Signal.

Free RV Campsites

Here are campsites posted by other visitors to this page...

Ben Fromme Memorial RV Park, Island Park, Idaho 
Great free spot right on Henrys Lake! About 22-24 miles from West Yellowstone and the park. 14 day limit, but no one really keeps careful track even though …

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