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July 2013

Sierra Nevada Mountain High

Summer has arrived and the thermometer shows it! I hope you're staying cool. The western US has been dangerously hot, surpassing 100 degrees in many places, even here in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

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While boondocking at Tuttle Creek Recreation Area outside Lone Pine, California I experienced 100 degree temperatures for a few days last month and now we're in the midst of yet another heat wave. I managed to keep cool by jumping into the icy waters of Tuttle Creek, and hiking into the crisp cool air of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tuttle Creek
Tuttle Creek

Tuttle Creek Recreation Area has a boondocking campground that is set in a gorgeous location. You look up at the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains, and below you is a fine view of Owens Valley, Owens Lake, and the Alabama Hills. The campsites are situated along crystal clear Tuttle Creek, which may be small, but does have some good sized trout. It's a beautiful creek lined with golden stones, colorful wildflowers, and lots of greenery - quite a contrast to the surrounding dry as a bone desert.

The high country is even more impressive. The Sierras above Lone Pine are brimming with water, tall pines, grassy meadows, wildflowers, and wildlife. It feels like the top of the world. The deep blue lakes are framed by white granite, green forest, and blue skies - it's an amazing sight.

Lone Pine Lake
Lone Pine Lake

While hiking Mount Whitney Trail to Lone Pine Lake I saw several backpackers on their way to the 14,505 foot summit of Mt. Whitney. It's the closest to heaven one can get, in the lower 48. Wilderness permits are required for the hike to the top, and since a limited number of permits are issued, applying 6 months in advance is recommended. Lone Pine Lake is as far as one can hike without a permit. The lake is beautiful, and hiking the trail fueled my desire to complete the journey to the top...perhaps next year. 

So, while I wait let me tell you what else is new...

Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar PanelGot Solar Panels on your roof, but not in your backpack? Welcome to the world of portable solar panels! They're so small they can go anywhere. Hike, bike, climb, or kayak and keep your phone, camera, and GPS powered up with the power of the sun. Many of these solar panels weigh only ounces and can be folded or rolled up for easy transport.

A small solar panel is perfect for those times when you're away from your home or RV while car camping, boating, or backpacking.

If you don't already take advantage of solar power, a portable solar panel is a great low-cost way to get into solar and see what it's all about.

The article answers questions like:

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Portable Solar Panels, Power Up Anywhere Under the Sun

Boondocking Campsites

This new article is about a spectacular winter destination sure to please any snowbird. In Southern California you'll find Borrego Springs, a small town surrounded by the 2nd largest state park in the lower 48, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. There's a winter's worth of sights to see in this sunny locale which features palm oasis, waterfalls, badlands, bighorn sheep, and countless campsites.

Borrego Springs Camping Article

Scenic Videos

Once you see San Francisco Mountain in Northern Arizona it's forever imprinted on your brain. The mountain stands out like a diamond in the rough, rising far above the surrounding forest to over 12,000 feet above sea level. It's the loftiest mountain in Arizona. I hiked several of its beautiful trails and here's what I saw...

San Francisco Mountain Video

San Francisco Mountain Camping Article

Stay tuned for new articles, campsites, pictures, and videos.

Until next time,

Keep RVing and keep smiling!

Will Barton

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