Sprinter RV, The Camper
Van From Heaven

The Sprinter RV is the camper van that has it all! Are you looking for a Class B motorhome with more space, full stand-up interior height, excellent fuel economy, and better maneuverability than other Class B's? Then look no further than a Sprinter based RV.

This is your Guide to Class B Heaven. Topics I'll cover include:
  • Sprinter Advantages (and a few Disadvantages)
  • Sprinter Camper Types (Class A, B, & C)
  • Innovative Sprinter Designs

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter RV category has been made possible thanks to the ingenuity built into the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. There are several features which set the Sprinter van apart from the competition. Two of the most important are 1) Interior Space and 2) Fuel Economy.

The Sprinter van has much more interior space than the competition. This leaves more room for constructing an impressive and feature rich Class B motorhome. All of the "downsized" RV components found on your typical camper van can be "upsized" when you've got a cavernous Sprinter van to work with.

Sprinter RV Camper Van
Sprinter camper van courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. (Unauthorized use not permitted)

Sprinter RV Camper Van by Winnebago
Interior of the Era courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. (Unauthorized use not permitted)
Not only do you have more room, you've also got awesome fuel economy! With the turbocharged V6 diesel engine, fuel economy is 30% better than a comparable gasoline engine. 18-22 miles per gallon is average for a Sprinter camper van, and 15-20 mpg is typical for a Class C Sprinter motorhome.

More Advantages

Here are more reasons why the Sprinter RV has become such a huge success:

  • Large windows provide great all-around visibility.
  • An Electronic Stability Program uses sensors to help stabilize the van during travel.
  • Trailer Stability Assist prevents trailer sway when towing (must have tow package).
  • Has a built-in tire pressure monitoring system (not available with the Cab Chassis or with dual tires).
  • It's powered by one of the world's cleanest burning diesel engines.
  • The diesel engine is very quiet.
  • Can tow up to 5,000 lbs.
  • It's easier to maneuver than other full-size vans.
  • The longer lasting diesel engine results in less depreciation than motorhomes with gasoline engines.


Yes, there are a few drawbacks, the biggest being the higher price tag.

  • More expensive than domestic vans.
  • The Sprinter van is rear wheel drive and 4WD is not an option, however aftermarket 4X4 conversions are available.
  • Low ground clearance means you'll have to be careful when traveling down rough roads.

Sprinter RV Types

Yes, there are Sprinter camper vans, but did you know there are also Class A and Class C Sprinter motorhomes? That's proof of the popularity of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis - it's now worked it's way into every class of motorhome made today...

Sprinter Class B Motorhome (Camper Van)

Camper Vans built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis start with a complete van. First, the van is stripped, prepped, and modified. Next, the "RV House" is built. The RV components must be crafted to fit the inside of the van - and since the van has walls that are curved, this is no easy task. These are the reasons why van campers can cost as much as a Class A or Class C motorhome. Prices range from $67K to over $100K.

A Sprinter van camper is the most versatile type of Sprinter RV. It can be used as a motorhome, and as a second car. The smaller size makes it more manageable on the road and easier to park.

Roadtrek Sprinter RV Camper Van
Roadtrek Sprinter RV Camper Van

A Sprinter campervan is also good for "stealth camping", as it looks less like an RV than a Class A or Class C motorhome. You are less likely to be bothered while overnighting in a parking lot, when you have a Class B motorhome.

Sprinter Class C Motorhome (Mini-Motorhome)

Will a Sprinter camper van be too cramped for your style? Try a Class C Sprinter RV. With a mini-motorhome you will typically have a permanent bed in the rear, a larger bathroom with a separate shower area, and more living and storage space. Some models have slide-out rooms which can really open up the interior.

Sprinter RV Mini-Motorhome by Thor Motor Coach
Sprinter Mini-Motorhome by Thor Motor Coach

A Sprinter mini-motorhome starts with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis. This chassis has only the cab section installed. This allows the manufacturer much more flexibility when designing the RV house.

Sprinter Class A Motorhome

Want even more room to stretch out? Then step up to a Sprinter Class A Motorhome. The RV manufacturer has a blank canvas to start with here, and the sky's the limit (as long as the chassis weight rating is not exceeded!). The exterior may fool you, but deep down inside it's still a Sprinter RV.

Currently there is only one Class A Sprinter motorhome on the market, the Winnebago Via...

Sprinter RV - Via Class A Motorhome
The Via Class A Sprinter Motorhome Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc.
Unauthorized use not permitted

The Winnebago Via is the first Class A motorhome to be built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. With an estimated fuel economy of 15-18 miles per gallon, this is the most fuel efficient Class A motorhome on the market.

Two slide-out rooms are available with the 25Q floorplan, making this one roomy Sprinter camper. Even though this is a Class A motorhome, it still retains the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter feel in the cockpit area, albeit with a larger front windshield.

Sprinter Camper Innovations

There are a couple of Sprinter RV designs that stand out from the crowd and I'd like to share them with you here.

Sportsmobile's Penthouse Top

Sprinter RV Camper Van by Sportsmobile
Sportsmobile Sprinter RV Camper Van with Penthouse Top

Sportsmobile offers a Sprinter camper with a penthouse top, or a roof that pops-up. This has several advantages...

Sprinter RV Camper Van by Sportsmobile
Optional upstairs bed with the Penthouse Top

1) It gives the RV a more spacious interior with an 8' ceiling. 2) Two can sleep "upstairs" with the optional bed. 3) Five large screen windows provide plenty of cross-ventilation, excellent views, and lots of natural skylight.

Roadtrek's Rear Slide-Out

Roadtrek Sprinter RV Camper Van
Roadtrek SS-Ideal Sprinter Camper Van

The Roadtrek SS-Ideal is built on the 144" wheelbase Sprinter 2500 van and features an innovative rear slide-out. The van is only 19.5 feet long which makes it easy to maneuver in town or at the campground. The rear slide-out provides an extra 3 feet of living space once parked.

Roadtrek Sprinter RV Camper Van with Slide-out
Roadtrek Sprinter Camper Van with Slide-out

The advantages provided by the slide-out include a larger permanent bathroom, a larger fridge, and more storage space. The slide-out room houses part of the bed, which can also be converted into a sofa. A table and two additional seats turns this area into a dining or seating area for four. A dining table is also provided at the front end, and the front seats swivel backwards for use here.

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