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Wet Beaver Creek is another fine display of red rock near Sedona, Arizona. This picturesque canyon, like nearby West Clear Creek and Red Tank Draw, slices through red rock rim country in the Coconino National Forest. The upper section of Wet Beaver Creek is protected as Wet Beaver Wilderness Area. This portion of the canyon is very remote and requires swimming or wading through pools bordered by steep canyon walls.

There are two trails, Bell Trail and Apache Maid Trail, both of which offer outstanding views of the area. Wet Beaver Creek is stocked with trout and fishing, swimming, wading, hiking, and wildlife viewing are all popular activities.

Camping: Suitable sites for RV camping, boondocking, car camping, and tent camping can be found along FR-121, and also along several more forest service roads that branch off of the main artery, FR-618. Beaver Creek Campground is another camping option. This campground is operated by the Coconino National Forest and is off of FR-618.

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You can find more information about Wet Beaver Creek on the Coconino National Forest web page.

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